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Classic Car Repairs

Along with restoration projects, this is our other main skill. If it's repairable, we can do it.

While some enthusiasts enjoy working on their classic car, major repairs require a bit more experience and access to a fully equipped workshop with specialist tools, something the average person can't really tackle. And this is where Manor Garage can help you. Leave the big jobs to the professionals, and relax in the knowledge that our experience will enable the job to be completed to a high standard.

Whether it's replacing windscreen wiper blades, cylinder head gaskets or rebuilding a complete transmission system, fitting new fans or cooling systems Manor Garage can do it for you.

On the premises our highly skilled staff can use our well equipped machine tool workshop, including milling machines, lathes, metal folding and guillotines, and our spot welder and MIG welder. This enables Manor Garage to tackle the jobs that others are not equipped to do.

We are recommended by the local MG Owners Club and MG Car Club. We have a great deal of experience working on MG and Triumphs.