A beautiful green Spitfire

The MoT

If you drive your car on the road, whether it's a modern car or a classic car, it needs an annual MoT. An MoT can be stressful at the best of times, but is more so for the classic car enthusiast whose beloved pride and joy will be subjected to rude prodding, tapping and bouncing by the inspector as it is assessed for its roadworthiness.

Manor Garage will treat your classic (or modern) car with the respect it deserves and help repair or prepare it for the test. We regularly prepare modern cars as well as classics for the dreaded MoT.

Repairing jagged edges, rusty sills, inner wings, bulkheads, floorpans and boot floors, and general bodywork and doors are just some of the jobs we routinely take on before an MoT is due. Our spot and MIG welding equipment is regularly in use to bring a classic or modern car back to the required standard.

While the emisssions regulations for a classic car are not as strict as those for modern cars, obvious smoke when off-choke is a really bad sign and would suggest that your classic is in need of an engine overhaul to return it to good health. With a modern car the stricter requirements can result in some engine work being required. Manor Garage, Wantage, will carefully assess the state of your car, notify you of any work that needs doing with an estimate of the cost, and on completion of the work submit the car to a trust-worthy MoT tester for its final assessment.