White MGB GT

Some of our Work

Repairing jagged edges, rusty sills, inner wings, bulkheads, floorpans and boot floors, general bodywork and doors are just some of the jobs we routinely take on before an MoT is due or when restoring a classic to a roadworthy state. Our spot welding and MIG welding equipment is regularly in use to bring a classic or modern car back to the required standard.

Here are a few samples of our work. To view any particular slideshow, just click on one of it's images, then move the mouse to the top left or right to activate the Previous and Next options.

MG Y Type Door Repair

Cutting out the rusted door parts Corrosion exposed! Patch ready to fit. Broken welds and holes Broken welds and holes Spot welds on the replacement door sill parts Repaired door fitted in place Car door ready to be resprayed

Triumph Stag Restoration

Rusted rear wheel arch and chassis exposed, with rusted remains lying on the ramp. Rusted chassis side and cross member, and sill in close-up. Rusted chassis under the driver's door. New chassis cross-member fitted. New chassis side-member fitted. Side chassis sill spot-welded in place. New wing and wheel arch, ready for fitting. Rear wheel arch replaced, ready for panel fitting. New panel fitted, ready for respraying.

MG F Engine Rebuild

Engine parts for MG F Engine parts for MG F. Engine parts for MG F Re-assembly of the engine is making progress Engine parts for MG F